Welcome to Spa Centre in Delhi NCR.

Your mind, body and spirit can find a sense of serene peace here in an environment carefully designed to ensure complete relaxation and well-being.

Are you preparing for some kind of celebration, and you need to be in shape and look your best? Or maybe you are just tortured by gray everyday life, and you want to give yourself a holiday? The SpaCentre program provides a wonderful opportunity to relax and put yourself in order. You will receive not only pleasure, but, as it should be on a real holiday, – a real gift!

Massage is a real art that is created to preserve health, beauty, harmony of the body and spirit of a person. Massage helps to balance all systems of the body, improve the psychophysical state and feel a surge of energy.

Services: body to body massage, female to male massage, couple massage, sports massage, full body massage, lomi lomi massage, hot stone massage, balinese massage, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, thai massage, swedish massage

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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a blend of several different manual massage techniques, further enriched with a blend of essential oils that significantly reduce pain and successfully relieve accumulated tension. It improves microcirculation and relaxation of the back and neck muscles, relieves stress and has a powerful effect on relaxing all the blockages in the body. PerfectContinue reading “Therapeutic Massage”

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